Educational Eco-system  

Peeristics is a cloud or on-premises educational platform featuring a complete professional learning environment and an open set of easy-to-use classroom tools. It is an enterprise-wide education ecosystem that enables efficient ways to create, distribute and aggregate content, all within a multi-tenant environment.  

Peeristics is different in how it dissects and assembles content, and its ability create more relevant and meaningful blocks of information that help create new data points that help a jurisdiction better understand what factors contribute to improved student performance.

Attribution Focus

Peeristics includes a suite of professional learning tools or it can be used simply as a stand-alone engine that can be bolted onto any LMS, shared drive, SIS or most educational systems to collect data with the goal of understanding educational attribution. By tracing granular data on resources and user interactions, Peeristics provides in-the-moment understanding of how resources are assembled, the contexts in which they are used, and how they contribute to learning success. This allows teachers to understand what works for their students, and supports jurisdictions in the development of educational policy by tying together standards, resources, and measured outcomes.

Atomic level Content and Control 

The traditional "store and sort" model for education document management seals off the most valuable information within documents. This was never an effective way to drive progressive data-based decision-making and did not lend itself to using educational materials when students, teachers and school boards are in desperate need of resources.

The key to Peeristics' attribution is its dissection of content into atomic level units so it can be tracked through the jurisdiction, school, teacher and student life cycle.  Unlike traditional Learning Management and educational systems that focus on storing existing content and sorting resources, Peeristics provides a new perspective on how acquired content can be more useful at the jurisdiction administrative level, as a service enabler for educators (through teaching communities of practice) and most importantly, be of tangible value to students.

Peeristics creates and consumes "atomic-level data" on resource activity, utilization, and alignment to provide next-level analytics, tailored recommendations, and customized platforms for educators to better explore, share, and improve classroom resources and teaching strategies. Tagging algorithms and data categorization functions help elevate learning objects to inform pedagogical processes and provide metadata and data intelligence that can be customized to the education system needs.

In conjunction with other markers of academic success, Peeristics leverages its data-driven approach to provide insight on students’ learning risks, strengths and weaknesses, becoming an essential aid in assisting each stakeholder whether they are an administrator, an educator or a learner.