Distribute. Align. Organize.

Distribute Materials in Context

Disseminate curriculum resources in a usable, context-rich format.

Adopt and Align

Align resources with curriculum standards and adopt optimal approaches to achieve student outcomes.


Enjoy multi-tenant access and organize materials across discrete education networks.

Move beyond LMS to LMX

A Learning "Experience" Management system that leverages existing LMS assets.

Distribute in Context

Create and distribute educational content to teachers

Traditional education repositories focus on storing and sorting long lists of single purpose resources. As jurisdictions publish detailed curriculum and resources, these materials get stored in the repository as large documents and it is up to the user to locate the information they need. This means that information is often overlooked, difficult to find, or difficult to bring together.

Peeristics provides a technical approach to dissecting large curriculum to identify and manage resources on a granular level. Curriculum and learning resources are analyzed, tagged, and disseminated as micro-blocks of information. Peeristics then combines related multi-media resources—texts, spreadsheets, images, videos, quizzes—into a unified Learning Block. Once a resource is attached to a Learning Block, this single upload is referenced by all future Learning Blocks that use the content, and is accessible to all users across the network: from course creation to the classroom. 

All modifications to and interactions with the Learning Block are traced by the Peeristics Core analytics engine to produce creation and consumption histories. This information is used to score relevance and usability across the Learning Block lifespan.


Intelligent Alignment to Standards

Ensure materials address your standards

Peeristics helps align resources and content blocks by understanding the context and the alignment of their neighbours.  Not only does this speed up manual alignment and tagging, but it allows intelligent inferences to be made to even un-aligned material.

Our built-in alignment tool also allows teacher and curriculum and course designers, to create and track their own teaching objectives which can be tracked and reported on throughout the teaching cycle.   Because our content blocks can be shared through out the system, a content block tagged and align once can informed the activities where it lands -  such as an in a daybook entry, an assignment or a forum discussion topic.

A True Multi-Tenant Environment

Create connected networks with user controlled sharing. 

Every user in the Peeristics environment belongs to one or multiple autonomously administered networks. These networks may represent a Ministry, a Board, a school, other educational entities or content-focused organizations. Each network has multiple spaces and features that allow users to collaborate, build, and deliver content that aligns with their unique needs or objectives. Each network can connect to content in external repositories and applications that an organization has already adopted or chooses to adopt.

Peeristics’ networks provide both Ministries and Boards with unique tools to create and distribute concepts and materials to course and curriculum leads, educators and learners in a single environment. It also provides a place for other suppliers of content (subject area associations and publishers) to distribute their resources.