More about Peeristics

Peeristics was established in 2009 as part of the Lab Division of Shore Consulting Group Inc. (Shore), a Canadian public sector technology consultancy and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shore. Born out of Shore’s support work with the Ontario’s Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Unit Planner (OCUP) from 2003 until its retirement in 2008, as well as the development of the Curriculum Review Application and Curriculum Expectation Database for Ontario, Shore applied its educational application, business knowledge, and insight into current education drivers and challenges, and developed Peeristics with Canadian Education Ministries in mind. 

Development for Peeristics began in early 2010 with the active participation of the western provinces where it aimed to address the challenge of policy and standards alignment through the education lifecycle – from the development of outcomes through to student achievement. Peeristics was developed to support the Canadian pedagogical model but includes the best of international  practices of education jurisdictions.

The Peeristics Board includes former Directors of Education from various Canadian provinces, and Peeristics has active partner participation of three Canadian Universities. Its anonymized data is used within York University’s Big Data Research, Analytics and Information Network (BRAIN) Alliance furthering its educational data program.