Discover. Aggregate. Integrate. Attribute.

Discovery Portfolio Assessment

Learning content often exists in disparate places, making it difficult to find and use effectively.  Our discovery services take a snap shot of the available sources, both internally across the enterprise and externally across the internet.

Integration Suites

The integration service creates a series of content blocks by assembling learning objects and defined content placing the collections into "binders". The alignment service links the learning objects expectations and context blocks together to ready them for review and attribution.  

Aggregation Engine

The aggregation engine uses application programming interfaces (API's) to find educational information and curricular resources from multiple types of external sources and internal sources including social media, internal drives, "what's trending" and learning trails.

Attribution Services

The attribution engine uses Tacit Collection and Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing to enable the collection, storage, tagging and SIS grade integration to build enough data to enable attribution of resources to student outcomes.  

Domain Expertise

Delivering educational solutions

Our core team of administrators, educators and technology enablers, have collaborated with the Lab Division of Shore Consulting Group, to develop “Peeristics”, an advanced attribution engine, born out of our design, build and policy work, within the Canadian Education Public Sector. 

Established in 2009, “Peeristics” is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shore Consulting Group, one of Canada’s largest independent advisory, and technology consultancy firms, serving the Canadian Public Sector for the past 20+ years.

Domain Expertise


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive algorithms find answers

In a continuously evolving digital world, the advent of technological innovation, brings with it more modern approaches to the capture, curation, synthesis and attribution of relevant data.  This avalanche of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing, is helping to build new knowledge assets, to meet the needs of education administration leaders, educators and learners.  Peeristics technology understands natural language, reasoning and presents education stakeholders, more relevant evidence-based approaches that until now, were not humanly possible to implement.

Peer Based Learning

Peeristics was born out of pragmatic thinking, and a trust in the wisdom of peers

Peeristics is a mature, evolving technology designed to continuously challenge traditional thinkers, by presenting quantitative results using rigorous mechanisms that have been independently validated by our clients today.

Using “curricular dissonance analysis”, Peeristics can quickly identify new patterns and insights and over time, while compiling new sources of data.  Now education stakeholders can obtain answers to some of the most complex problems, by digging deeper into the “big data” of today’s education ecosystem, in order to exploit possibilities that were never available before.

Peer Based Learning